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Monkey Wrench Receives first batch of M-Touch Consoles (3)

Monkey Wrench Receives first Batch of M-Touch Consoles

Matthias Hinrichs himself swung into our jungle Monkey Wrench Productions to check out his baby and our first batch or Martin Professional M-Touch consoles.

Century Theater AV Flexibility

To say that Minneapolis and Saint Paul are live theater stage towns is a vast understatement, akin to saying Iowa has corn. However, theater in the Twin Cities is far from corn, even though it is technically in the Corn Belt. Although the Twin Cities are 1200 miles from Broadway, Minneapolis ranks second only to New York City for live theater per capital population and is estimated to be the third largest theater market in the US.


Twin Cities' “Greenest” Theater

Brave New Workshop has a goal of making the Twin Cities the “greenest” theater community in the United States. This quirky Minneapolis sketch and improv comedy theater isn’t just talking the talk – they recently completed the largest LED retrofit in the history of the One-Stop Efficiency Shop!


Brave New Sustainable Workshop

...While other Twin Cities theaters are experimenting with more energy efficient forms of lighting few, if any, use low-wattage LED (light-emitting diode) lights to the extent of Brave New Workshop, said Monkey Wrench Repair owner Seth Scott.

“It’s probably the first theater I’ve heard of that’s completely LED for wash lights,” said Scott, who has a dozen years experience in theater lighting and completed the Brave New Workshop job Oct. 2...


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